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Isnin, 11 November 2019

Can Lipsticks Cause Harm To Our Health?

Sealed With Poison Kiss 

For decades, lipsticks have been a staple in every woman’s purse. Using it to enhance the colour of their lips or to make them look more full and plump. 

However, back in the day lipsticks were made from more natural substances red berries, pulverized gemstones or dyes extracted from certain plants. Nowadays, scientists from Berkeley’s School of Public Health at the University of California have discovered that lipsticks contain a harmful substances called LEAD.

It’s really hard to believe that many branded lipsticks contain a toxic chemical called lead, a neurotoxin that accumulates in the body over time when it’s exposed. Abnormally high levels of lead have been correlated to miscarriages, infertility and cognitive issues.

The scary fact: Pregnant women that wear lipstick containing lead, exposes their fetus to the harmful substance can lead to defects in the development of the baby’s brain.

Found mainly in lipstick colorants or ingredient byproducts derived from raw materials, lead amounts are not restricted by the FDA (Food & Drug Association).

However, the FDA restricts other additives used to color lipsticks but these permit up to 20 parts per million of lead, a toxic amount according to research standards.

Lead is mainly found in paint, waste dumps and industrial plants. But even the slightest exposure to lead can cause harm such as headaches, fatigue, nausea and other health risks.

photo source: tumblr

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