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Selasa, 22 Oktober 2019

Glorified Candy Bars

We want to start thinking about our health on a bigger scale. So, I want to address the unhealthy-ness in what is considered a go-to workout snack for most people… most protein bars that you grab at your local health stores or supermarkets are NOT HEALTHY. 

It's a common misconception people have that if you eat a protein bar, you're doing the right thing for your body.

Keep in mind that protein bars are just loaded with so much unnecessary sugar, processed ingredients and are high in calories. Some don’t even consists that much protein in them but tons of artificial sweeteners to make them taste good.

Always check the ingredient list if there’s something in there that you can’t pronounce like Erythritol (aka sugar alcohol) then it’s probably best you shouldn’t be ingesting it.

Although, I will admit finding the right protein bar can be stressful and sometimes even very expensive. So, why not make your own with just a few simple ingredients. Plus it's so much healthier for you!

30g of Protein powder (Your preferred choice)
¾ of a cup of Unsweetened peanut butter (for that peanut buttery taste)
1 cup of Rolled oats (blended until powdery)
A tablespoon of Cinnamon (for flavah!)
3 spoons of Honey (a touch of sweetness)
Coconut oil (to help bind things together)

It’s as easy as blending all the dry ingredients together, then later add the wet ingredients and BLEND using a food processor or blender.

Photo source: sweetpeasandsaffron

Photo source: Daily bum 

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