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Khamis, 24 Oktober 2019

RM20,000 For A Burger?!

Everybody loves a good juicy burger but how much are you willing to pay? 20, 50,100 ringgit, if it’s from a good restaurant right? Well, if you thought the price tag for a burger would stop there… it doesn’t. Because the most expensive burger on the planet costs… a whopping 20,000 ringgit!

Served at Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, the burger was created by French chef Hubert Keller. “The Fluer Burger” (RM 20,000) is cooked to perfection with premium Wagyu beef, served with a slab of seared foie gras and topped with black truffle super fancy! But also super absurd!

I guess that’s why they call Las Vegas “Sin City” because this burger is sinfully expensive. So, if you’ve managed to win the jackpot and are looking for a way to celebrate in a very lavish and extravagant way then do it with a high quality burger… nobody’s going to stop.

Food critics who’ve been lucky enough to savour this expensive dish states that it’s worth every bite, because every bite is a bite of heaven. People say you can’t buy happiness, this proves otherwise...

Photo source: Elite Readers 

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